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May 24, 2007
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This looks like a new leaf but it also looks more like a Male that has Banana balls which ever it is I Plucked it off, I have 2 plants this way..
There under 400 watt MH conversion bulb for HPS 18/6
Fox farm soil and Nutes
ph is around 6.70
4 weeks old tomorrow
Temp has been around 84


cant tell from that pic but if ya plucked off something that looked like bananna could be hermie...Does it have both MAle and female parts?..what strain is this?
No I didn't see any female signs but a bunch of banana shape that looked yellowish that was a clusters.
These r bag seeds from yrs ago that I found hiding.!
Hermi it is. That happens with Bag seed alot.
No way to tell yet. Definitely no way to know if it's hermaphrodite.

Could have been a new growth cluster you plucked. Let it grow out a bit more and see what you get.
Oh yea I am waiting another week or so to see what's developed.! Watching the rest of the grow, as they Dont have what I seen so far.!
your temps are 84?? thats too warm 78 max imo. someone will tell you more
How old is that plant? it dont look sexually mature yet.
heres a few herms I this what ya seeing?


4u2sm0ke said:
heres a few herms I this what ya seeing?

Nothing like those.!! But it looks like they r coming back and when I can, I'll get another pix of it.!!

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