Mama Skunk and Her Clones

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Tahiti Allen

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Sep 10, 2007
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Howdy Gang!!::ciao: I just thought, you'al would like to see a few photo's of my Super Skunk Mom and her clones!!:cool: I'm very proud of them!!:aok: Picture number 235 is of Super Mom and I veg. her outside in the beginning and now, as you can see, she's flowering!:holysheep: I got her under a HPS 400 watt, making her flower early, it not going to be long now, he, he, he!!:clap: She is 38 inches tall!:headbang2: Pictures 80 and 85 are of her clones and they are alittle over 8 weeks old and they are 28 inches tall! :clap: I'll let them go to the end of this season!!:hubba: I hope, they will get taller than Sweet Mama!!:;) God Bless America!!:D

Sweet Mama (235).jpg

Sweet Mama Clones (80).jpg

Sweet Mama Clones (82).jpg
Just wanted to say, a special thanks to you Hick!!:D God Bless!!:)
well,... many thanks in return!.. I can use all the help I can get :p
Thanks, ozzydiodude! It's good to be back, he, he, he!!

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