Man lights up joint at police checkpoint

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Jun 21, 2007
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Police in Nova Scotia are scratching their heads over why a motorist would decide to casually light up a marijuana cigarette within metres of a traffic checkpoint.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Andy Hamilton says police were conducting a large checkpoint on Wednesday in Yarmouth when the smell of the drug wafted through the air.

Officers approached the car and the man was put through a series of sobriety tests to see if he was impaired.

He passed the tests and was eventually allowed to proceed, after police seized his stash.

Hamilton says they didn't lay drug charges because it was a small quantity of marijuana.

Hamilton says it's disturbing how casual some people seem to be about smoking the drug, even when close to police officers.

........ and he passed sobriety test.........:shocked:
prolly seen the check point and was his last hoot of some fire and he figured he better toke it before he was caught with it, and just so happened the wind changed direction suddenly.:eek:

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