Marc Emery on 60 min.

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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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Tonite Marc Emery is going to be on "60 Minutes" @ 7:00pm EST.
I will probably comment tonite after the show.

but wanted to throw this out there for comments for before and after for a sunday afternoon read.

We all know how much of a high horse the "Prince of Pot" is on right at the moment. but IMO, up till now the seed sales and online comuunity has been sorta hidden from the general Conservative Americans. What will happen after this broadcast?. Will ordering seeds be a thing of the past? Will Marc Emery create too much negative attention? Or will it be a positive step forward? Hmmm. brings up a lot of stuff. What are your guys and gals thoughts on this 60 minute thang?

I personally think Emery is on a rampage to save his ass and may say too much regarding that and create a negative spin. I hope he doesn't bash the US govt. too much as he is Canadian. Yes, we US people in this forum think the govt. needs to be re-evaluated. but we all know that general US Citizens are hyper sensitive about foriegn opinion on the US government. That could create a problem.

I seen his Vancouver thing and he was bragging a little too much on how Canada is so much better then the US. That even bugged me a little. I just hope he sticks to issues and stuff. He should leave the comparisons between his country and ours out of it. We shall see.
that bastard owes me money($200) ---i hope they give him life that worthless brick,,peace,love rastafari
i'm gonna tune in for how long i dont know?
Well, that served no purpose. None whats so ever. I like that nothing mentioned on anything. Fuckin waste of time. I could have been watching Discovery channel or history channel MFers. Well, it was a negative spin. the evil " marijuana cultivators" are all over.
nothing about nothing. hey Mutt you owe me 60 minutes. hahahahaha:)
I have to agree. It was worthless. However Mutt already said it was worthless before it aired pacific time. But that's cool.
It sounded real scripted to me. He also came off as a righteous anal cavity to me.
"rightous anal cavity"..:D
I like Marc.
I watched 60 Minutes and I thought he came off GREAT.
I like his "**** you dea" attitude.
He answered Q's honestly and concisely.
He's been a great resourse for seeds world-wide.

He's WAY pro-pot, got into the mag & seed business cause he's pro-pot, introduces/supports decrim legislation, sponsers smoke-ins...I have no clue why pro-pot people don't like him.
ill tell ya why we dont like him ..he takes money for a product he does not deliver ...if your are luckie enough to get any seeds they are not the strain you orderd ,,,,if u think he's straight up he has fooled you ,,like so many he has cheated .nice to see the gov. going after his ass (my tax dollars at work i love it )...use clones .**** him and his seeds ...
"use clones ..."
Where do you think the donor plants came from?
Somewhere along the line you gotta have seeds.
And for many growers, clones aren't an option. You have to know a grower to grown pot from clones.

My one experience w/Marc was in '99. I sent in a money order and heard nothing for 3 months.
I had written the whole deal off.
Then one day they arrived, with a note of apology from Marc and my uncashed money order.
I would opine that enough people liked their products that they got repeat business.
When Marc started, the Dutch seed banks wouldn't ship to the U.S. He was a pioneer in the mail-order seed business from Canada, giving others the cajones to start their own seed business. He opened the door so to speak.

Like Cheech & Chong, I have a hard time disliking anyone who's so over-the-top pro-pot.

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