March Madness?


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Mar 20, 2021
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Any sports fans here? Anyone been watching the NCAA March Madness Tournament?

I am a Michigan and Villanova fan, my Wolverines are still in it and play against Florida State on Sunday and Villanova is up against #1 Baylor on Saturday. that will be a VERY tough game. Michigan has been playing without one of their best players so I dont know how much further they can get but I do think they can get past Florida State if they play well. Villanova just isnt as good as they usually are, but they are always well coached.

It has been a wild tournament. Lots of upsets. More than usual it seems.

Who is your team? Who you got winning it all?

#8 Chicago Loyola vs. #12 Oregon State, Saturday should be a great game. I am really pulling for Chicago after they pulled the upset on #1 Illinois last game.

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