Marijuana Dealer Gets Another 20 Years

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Oct 22, 2005
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12 Aug 2006

by Sheila Mclaughlin, Enquirer Staff Writer
Added to Jail Time in Homicide Case

WEST CHESTER TWP. -- One of West Chester's biggest pot dealers was sentenced to two decades in prison Friday for the 429 pounds of marijuana found in his Quail Woods Court home last year.

Judge Andrew Nastoff, of Butler County Common Pleas Court, tacked the time onto the eight years Jason Jones, 32, already is serving on a drug-related homicide in Hamilton County.

Police found $50,000, several guns and 429 pounds of marijuana in two deep freezers in Jones' home in May 2005 when they searched the house looking for Jones and James Marshall, 33, of Kennedy Heights.

Both were wanted in the fatal shooting of Junis Sublett, an 18-year-old Springfield Township man who police said tried to rob Jones and Marshall during a drug deal.

Jones pleaded guilty in July to possession of marijuana, trafficking, three weapons charges, permitting drug abuse and corruption involving the search of his home. He faced 44 years, Assistant Prosecutor Glenn Rossi said.

Jones gave up his suburban middle-class house, yellow convertible Cutlass, two SUVs, motorcycle, boat and the $50,000 in the plea deal.

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