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Mar 4, 2006
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can you smoke the leaves? will it get you stoned? just wondering..i know you can make stuff out of them, i.e. hash, hash oil, etc..but what about straight up, drying 'em out and smokin' 'em..
Yea, you can smoke them. It won't give much of a high, and probably hurt your throat after awhile.

I'd stick with just hash or oil :). Much more bang for your buck.
I save every single leaf that comes off the plant. I put them in a 95 degree dehydrator and get them crispy dry.

Then I put them in a food processor and powder them.

Then I add enough 100 proof Vodka to the jar to cover the weed. I don't like using other solvents like butane or Isopropyl alcohol. Those leave some very nasty carcinogens in the resulting oils that are specific to Petrochemicals. The vodka leaves nothing.

I give it a shake or two each day.

After a week, I strain through a coffee filter and pour it into a shallow flat dish and let the vodka evaporate.

You'll get some very nice oil that way. The vodka has enough solvent properties to dissolve all of the oils into the liquid and when you press out the filter into the dish, you'll have all the oils that leaf is ever going to give up.

Take a paper clip and bend the end over a tad so you can scrape a wad of the oil up.

Heat the paper clip wire between the oil and your fingers until you see the drop of oil moving to the tip of the clip.

Let it drop onto a small bud and toke that puppy up!

Waste not, want not!

I waste nothing. You can also recover the oils from any stem that is 1/8" or smaller. They have the same amount of oils in them as the sun leaves.

A guy I knew used to grow and he would give me big ass bags of leaves. He'd say, "Here man, this shit is good for nothing".

I love that oil. You can then use a $2000 Centrifuge and refine the oils from there. After a good spin, the topmost oil level will be almost clear and also almost pure THC.

It takes an hour per/load. There are three distinct colors of oil in the levels. The purest is faintly honey colored into a medium honey color with the almost black crap at the bottom that is the densest oil that contains all of the impurities and heaviest oil. It will give you a weak high and a big headache.

Watch your ass with Centrifuges. The name means nothing. Some run forever, others take the proverbial shit after the first use.

Don't ask. I haven't bought another one since the last one crapped out ten years ago. Too much money. The real good ones that are industrial strength, run 10 grand. You'd need a field of pot to make that one pay off. Many do just that.'

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