Marijuana Makes You Smart

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can someone sum that up in a couple sentences i didnt get what they were trying to say

It's not saying marijuana makes you smarter, it's saying that something 100x stronger than marijuana can stimulate brain growth - and that, while this brain growth probably doesn't contribute to intelligence, it may indeed have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects.
Themanwithnoname said:
can someone sum that up in a couple sentences i didnt get what they were trying to say


"Hippocampus" the place Hippo's go after high school. See, See, pots made me smart! :)
I have been a computer programmer most of my working life 44+ years. Yes it makes me smarter.

In my drinking years I'd make sure I had simple stuff and cleanup to do the day after drinking. Not so with marijuana. A toke or two makes work more fun and thus you do a better job. Pot makes you smarter for sure...

I have a list a yard long where I did a superior job.
See "nobody shares knowledge better than this" that claim remains unchallenged after 2700+ responses
Yes it does.... for me.

Enough alcohol makes anyone an idiot. I know I can be one of those ppl. Lmao I'd be willing to bet all of my a hole posts was when I was just to drunk. Dammit.
I take tests better high everytime.
I take better notes stoned everytime.
I concentrate easier when im high.
I argue better when I'm stoned.
I play video games better when Im stoned.
I even get better workouts when im stoned lol.

Weed makes me smarter IMO.
If you can get it done stoned, fact of the matter is you're gonna be 5x better getting it done not stoned.

Oh and btw I would never ever consider getting behind the wheel of a car NOT stoned, driving is done best high.
I scored highest in thc on the drug test at work,but no awards:confused2:

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