Marijuana Smoked Turkey...

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hummm who thinks we should make one.. just to see how it tastes lol
Your stoned aren't you pranic. hahahahaha. I don't know though. get a pressure cooker and a butt load of leaves and trimming (about a 1/4-1/2 lb. ). never know??? Might have a new recipe???. honey-hash glaxed ham???? open new doors. :D
Hahaha.. how did you guess.. i have to try it... i dunno some time soon.. hahaha... so nuts
can i come to dinner? i dont eat alot, and i always leave early.:D
pranicfever said:
sure.... would love to have ya..
We're all eatin at Pranic's place tonite!!!!!!!!

MJ Smoked Turkey
Cannabis Cranberry Sauce
Ganja Gravy
Bud Stuffing
Choc Cake with Honey Oil Icing
Hash Icecream

With honey oil mints afterwards
oh, god. Pranic hope you gotta lot floor space. Lot people crashin at your place. :D
well i'm sure we can make room... and we'll even make sure those that pass out don't miss their rotation.. hahaha

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