Medical Marijuana Law Goes Into Effect In Netherlands

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Jan 29, 2005
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A law establishing guidelines and allowing the use and cultivation of medical marijuana went into effect in the Netherlands in mid-March, 2003. The European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction announced on March 17, 2003 ( ("Amended Opium Act, Decree, and Implementing Regulations enter into force") that "From today, the amended Dutch legislation enters into force. The legislation has been amended in the main due to the new provisions that allow applications to cultivate cannabis for medicinal purposes, and guidelines for cultivation of cannabis." The EMCDDA noted that
"All existing Opium Act decrees and regulations are repealed, as is the older version of policy rules for licensing and GAP (Good Agricultural Practice Rules for Cannabis Cultivation). Overall, the changes comprise:
- amended rules for the licensing procedure
- fully alphabetical lists with unambiguous declaration
- equal procedure for amending both substances lists
- explicit mention of the requirements of article 28 of the Single Convention
- connection for screening through the Public Administration Probity in Decision-making Act"[size=-1]


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