Mighty wash

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Have any of you tried the NPK Industries Mighty Wash or heard about it?
Er, no.
I did a google search to see what I could find and your initial posting was the 5th highest search result!!!!! So I think you can say this is a new product!!
Thank you woody. I guess i will do a report on what it does for insects. It is 99 % water... I am a skeptic, but i will try it once.
I just bought some Micorrhizal funghi for the same reason, see how it works in hydro.
Sceptics are the best people to review products like these since they are more likely to be objective. I would always rather be a rational objective cynic than an enthusiastic sheep!

Good luck with it Rose. W
Well, you would be skeptic too, it is pink water. Come on. LOL. I am having a thrip problem. Not terrible, but still. I don't want to use an oil base (neem)as it will ruin my wonderful soil teaming (in my mind) with beneficial's running amok. So, to be continued.
Thanks for your imput Woody. I had great success with beneficial mites once. The micorrhizal is supposed to really help with root growth right? My best growing mojo to you and your plants.

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