mind games are fun

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Mar 18, 2006
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My brother and sister and a few friends went hiking in the mountains after hours we reached a ridge and sat for a bit toking .When this young gansta punk came out of the woods from nowhere and demanded our money ...My brother said "hey man we dont have any money but your welcome to smoke our last jay with us." Bewildered an taken totally off guard the punk sat down with us and toked.When he got nice and toasted we started...We told him we were on the ledge to be picked up by a UFO that was due to arrive any minute and he could come along too.We told him we had all been abducted before and had implants in our bodies so we could be traced on a daily basis on earth. Just then (I shit you not)...A shiny light appeared in the far far distance over the ledge.It was an airplane on a sunny day but Punk didnt know that ..He quickly jogged down the path never to be seen again . WAS soooooo funny
hee hee, that is funny! He may never venture into the woods again...

Back in the early eighties, I was packing out of a remote wilderness area in south western CO. I had one pack mule, loaded to the limit with tent, stove, fishing tackle, ect. and was riding my trusty gelding.
I was working my way down a steep stretch of mountain in heavy timber, where the trail zig-zagged and switchedback on itself several times. Suddenly, without warning a back packer appeared in the bend of the trail. He was a pretty large man, with long, fire red hair kinda' stickin' out every which way, a huge bushy "ZZ top" type beard, was wearing black and bright green spandex britches, pack was flourescnt orange with lotsa' do-dads and accessories hangin' off.
My pack mule froze in her tracks. I saw white rings around her eyeballs and 'rollers' in her nostrills. We were fixin' to have us a rodeo, right there at 10,000 ft, on a narrow steep trail. All I could see was my entire camp strung from that point all the way to the trailhead :eek:
Quickly accesing the situation, I bailed from the saddle horse, grabbed my run down old stetson off my head, and began 'flogging' that poor fella' with it. Not in a violent manner, or with any implied intent to hurt him. But he was surprised. The "attack" caused him to stumble around a bit before setting abruptly down on his arse.
I quickly began apologizing and explaining my actions.
"You see that o' mule there, she has never seen such a site. "You" scared the hell outta' her. And the only thing that I could think to do, was to show her you wern't anything to be scared of."
The look on his face was 'priceless' as I rode on off, pack and mule in tack.
OMG, that was you???
I still have the green spandex but nowadays I hike in nothing but body glitter.
.......ganja in body glitter!!...
..now there is a visual that might well make me "stompede" off the mountain...

GanjaGuru said:
Hey don't laugh; it kept me out of the army.
rofl..musta' been before the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy, ehh?..
miss molly ,common,that aviator is ugly as shit,not something ,i want to see in the morning
Ahh come'on bong', It ain't like you woke up, rolled over and there your arm was around her shoulder..heee heeee
I've never gone to bed with an ugly woman...have woke up alongside a fw though..;)
make me remember ,driking beer with my buddy ,who asked if i ever had a moose head ...said no,,had some grizzly ***** once or twice

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