Miss Brutus

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Forest Farmer
Jun 23, 2023
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Vanderbilt Mi
Hello, my name is Steve M from Northern Michigan I am honored to be part of your world. I am here to learn from everybody and this is where I'm at so far. With one plant of six I call Ms Brutus. It is
8:13-23 should I alter her or should I just let it go. I am in 5 gallon buckets because I have limited sun in two areas and in this photo under the tarp when they were not under a tarp in severe rains of 2 days I could see my leaf starting to Yellow so I created this tarp and monitoring the weather I move under during severe rains
Hello oldsmelt and welcome aboard

should you alter Miss Brutus is the question

could you please explain what you mean by alter her?
Ms Brutus looks pretty good to me. I like how you pull them under the tarp in the rain. They will appreciate that too. That was my biggest problem last year growing outside protecting them from the hard rain. Are you spraying them for bugs?
You have been in an altered state for some time now.......

I am glad somebody noticed

i was beginning to wonder

i give the old smelt dipper here a 50-50 chance of ever coming back

is the dipper a one and done poster?

stay tuned!
Another member from Michigan. What's this world coming to. :eek: 😁
Thinking the same thing. Texas, Florida and Michigan is where most are from on here......Used to be Colorado. The green rush is over here. Everybody went back home.
I’ve noticed that. It seems like the state of Florida is being very well represented by the little crew we have on the West Coast and now we have some of the members from the panhandle joining us…

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