MJR's 1st grow

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Jun 28, 2011
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I've been doing a looooottttt of research on here. Prly read everyday but I think it's paying off so far. I ordered greenhouse seeds and 6/6 germinated. I planted about 6 weeks ago and actually one of the strains had 2 seedlings pop out but one never grew any bigger than a seedling so I threw it out.

My grow room is 3'x 3'3''x 8' growing under a 400wMH and I have a HPS for flowering later on. I'm not really sure how my yield is going to be. I understand 6 plants is a little much for a room my size so I obviously wont veg them for too long. They were all started at teh same time and growth is very dif its kinda interested seeing how the dif strains growth varies NEWWAY here is my line up

all fem from greenhouse
White rhino
Northern lights
Great white shark
Lemon skunk

P.S. This being my 1st grow I've never really looked at many MJ plants and they are beautiful as hell lol. I already have 2 favorites that I cant wait for Cheese and Lemon skunk







Those look pretty good. It is really interesting how the different varieties and pheno's grow. It is a great hobby. Let us know if she can help and welcome to MP!
Ya man, looking good and welcome to MP!

Are you going to re-pot them to those red buckets underneath?
Yea those are 5gal pots and I will in about 3 weeks. and just a question, if I let these go till they're about 1.5'-2' then start the flower is that too long to veg them? they're about 8'' now. I'm trying to get as close to a pound out of this grow if that's possible
Re-pot earlier, those 2 smallest one are still ok in those pots but I would re-pot the other 4 very soon if not right away.

About vegging time, just see how big they grow and when they are big enough for you then flip them to flower. Remember that indica usually doubles the size after flipping and you have mostly indica doms if not all. So your 2 foor plant might be 4foot later on, and they grow wider aswell. Do you have space for all that? If you think you have then go ahead, that room will be very full :)
I would also like to thank you for reading and getting your info straight before asking a bunch of questions. Most people who ask and don't read are not getting the best out of their grow. Your plants look great. What a great shade of green. I will be interested in the Trainwreck, scratch that....all of them. Pretty sure I've tried the NL, but not sure since most of what I smoked was sandwich baggy weed, if you know what I mean.
Looks great MJ! That MH is really forcing some bushy growth huh.
I've never really looked at many MJ plants and they are beautiful as hell
I finally got my mom to come around a couple years back, and got her to witness the process.. First thing she said was how beautiful and natural the plants look :D

...since most of what I smoked was sandwich baggy weed, if you know what I mean.
:rofl: unfortunately I know all too well
Just re-potted today. I have about 9sq ft so I wont veg past 2' bc I know they'll be around 4' when flowering.

PP- I know what you mean I'v only been on this website for the past couple months and even when people as new as me post dumb threads for simple question I'm just thinking USE THE SEARCH ENGINE AT THE BOTTOM, use the stickies lol Some people just do things differently i guess.

I'm so anxious for how these strains are going to turn out, I'm so envious of the BOTM pictures cuz I want mine to turn out like some of yours haha. Do the best I can and maybe I'll be in the November one!!! It's my dream haha

IMO, your best move so far is having stopped in here. These guys will have you growing buds that everyone of your friends will be saying, how do I grow buds like that? Your off to a great start. Yours girls look very healthy. I just had a flash back to Las Vegas. LOL
some strains will stretch more then others and when ya do multi strains can be a PITA at the end keeping the canopy even..be sure to have stuff you can set under those buckets to raise the slower plants to even the canopy...be carefull with going 2 feet in veg as the Bucket is all ready what 2 feet tall?......Hmmmm....2 feet of Bucket + 2 feet of plant + hanging light..1 feet = 5 feet tall when we have 8 feet to work with...Im proud that you did the reasearch..have ya done that on the stretch of each Strain?...IMO..its gonna be close..Those buckets need holes in the bottom on the side..when the bucket is sitting on the ground the bottom edge of the bucket traps the water and thats no good..get something under them as well to catch the run off..and ya didnt mention what nutes your useing and or what the Ph of the water is??? pulling up a milk crate to :watchplant: untill next time..

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
I put the shorter plants in the center/more direct light and larger ones on the edges so hopefully that'll get them a little more even and I placed 1.5'' wooden stakes underneath to raise the buckets off the ground. I already drilled them on the bottom, 2 dozen er so holes. I bought a pH meter and it usually reads around 6.8-7 but if it goes any higher I'll adjust accordingly. I'm not using any nutes right now bc they're not hungry yet but I've taken a look at some of the nutes pple recommend on here so prly one of those
:ciao: Good move with the raiseing of the buckets..My concern is that the holes in the bottom may not be large enough?...If the plant starts to show signs of over watering could be the holes are plugged by perlite...Ill be fallowing my friend..Keep up the good work

So plants are all looking really nice except the white rhino. This plant has been giving me problems from the start and here is another one. I don't think its over watering bc I water every plant the same n no problems with the rest. My guess would be K deficiency. My pH is still at 7.0 so maybe i'll lower it in case that is contributing to the problem. And this is not on every leaf its only 4 large ones



NL is a fav of mine, waiting to grow another out so I can clone her. Great looking plants so far. I had issues with my WR as well, finicky plant!
Just an update. I'm surprised at the progress I've made in 2 weeks since I've started this thread. White rhino still is my least favorite and I'm still having a little trouble with it. I'm going to take clones probably this weekend or next week but I def wont be cloning that white rhino its too fussy for me. Enjoy the update









thanks guys, I cant decide which one I want to try first but when they start budding im sure I'll have no prob choosing lol. that lemon skunk is crazy tho, I rub each plant between my fingers and smell and the lemon skunk smells like you just peeled an orange.
Just put into flower yesterday I'm starting to get excited for my first grow finally lol. And pic of clones I clipped yesterday also. I took 3 clippings of each plant bc this is my first time so I don't expect everyone to make it.


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