My lighting I'm gonna be using

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Aug 9, 2023
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So I was at Walmart the other day where my wife works. I found these LED 3500 lumens 4 foot lights for 16 bucks well I bought 2 of them so any where's from 3500 to 7k lumens throughout the foot print I think I never put that much thought into grows I had years ago. They also have a little higher lumens 4 foot linkable at 5k lumens I want 2 of those two but even if I go metal halide I could always fasten the LED ones vertical at the corners of the tent which will be a 2 x4 ft tent I think the light spread at cup level is good so that's my veg and mothers set up in my veg I want 2 mother plants for clones my day time and night time main smoke then I want to veg like 3 or 4 strains to see if others work at well cause if I smoke the same strain for awhile it wears off quickly for the effects I want so my flower setup will be a 4x8 tent probably to 400 watt hps I wanna go with one round of just cfl's cause I grew bad ass buds off them better than I could with hps before I will post other set up things in appropriate threads free will growing everybody everywhere one day

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