NCH going Outdoor??

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Apr 15, 2008
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Well ya...I think I am going to give it a try this season. I have a good friend who is a MASTER at the outdoor and we are tradin' secrets.
Come to find out, he has published a few grow video's on YouTube, so he said it was cool to share the link here. Some of what they grew last season was unbelievable.
I am truly amazed at the quality and quantity they reach with thier plants. "The Keeper" is one of the coolest guys you could ever meet. The Vids show "The Farm" and some of the trees they grew last season. The Vids have some great tips also. There are a number of vids that are listed on the right.
My fav is the Video "The Gaunlet", meaning the drive from Mendo to L.A. haha.

Sounds great! Outdoor 2011 is gonna be steller!

You gonna love it.
Is my iPad broken or does this thread say NCH is gonna kill it outdoors to now? :)

I look forward to seeing this unfold NCH....
Bring it on Hal- bring it on.
:ccc: thanks NCH---long time no see---i am subscribed if you decide to share your outdoor adventure in a journal---was hoping to see that indoor show again too---
Hal if you go outdoors, its gonna change everything. YOU were the one who told me that in Cali outdoor is B grade herb, lol.
umbra said:
Hal if you go outdoors, its gonna change everything. YOU were the one who told me that in Cali outdoor is B grade herb, lol.

Best of my mojo for you NorCalHal...Ill bring my milk crate next time I come visit..untill then take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
I GOTTA try it man...

I still stand by my stand on Outdeezy being a lower grade then top quality indoor for sure.
But dang man, I live in Cali...and I can't go though life out here and not try outdoor!
I have allways wanted to grow a few outside and see what happens, and my Dready friend is eager to show me his tricks. They had a 9 lb'er from one tree last year, and that peaked my attention.
I just find it super interesting on how they acheive thier results, and I can say that an outdoor run is far more work then an indoor. So many aspects to it to grow really good outdoor.
Still rainy and cold in Cali....a few more weeks.......

I'm glad you liked the Vids Irish! Great stuff! We have been working with dispensaries in L.A. Hence "The Gaunlet" lol.
NCH---you're gonna have a great time in the great out doors---completely different animal---nothing like burning a doobie and taking a nap under a canopy of ganja plants---got me thinking about running a couple late blooming sativas myself---no more of that camping for 2 months though---maybe a pit stop on the return from the gauntlet for you---:48:

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