need a dr. babies r sick

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tooth dr 420
Mar 14, 2011
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i looked at the leaf chart but just cant seem to find a match of the leaf problem im having i know there are guru's here to help me cause this is the place to be:eek: here are some pics if they help

sick leaves 004.JPG

sick leaves 005.JPG

sick leaves 006.JPG

sick leaves 007.JPG
Did you spill the water on them during feeding? Or did it touch the looks kinda like a burn to me.
leave get damaged all the time.. i wouldn't worry about it to much if it were me
when i transfered them over perhaps i may have got water on them thanks roddy and thanks slowmo for the house call
Yep, I wouldn't be too worried, they'll be fine! Take care and happy growing, my friend!
yea it just looks like you got some nute water on them, they will just be dandy lol :)
did those fans ever touch the lights? If my vegging plants hit the t8s for too long then they will show the same "burn".
Well the doctor is here. :p Just playing, I'm a complete rookie. My plant has something similar on a couple leaves i think. Take that i have mine outdoors, it could be anything. Yours on the other hand looks great besides that. Good job.
I don't see nothing but a good looking plant. If that is the worst problem you every have to are truly blessed. Good job growing.
Ditto, the plant is fine. Like Slomo said, it happens frequently with mine too. Just some sort of anomaly, maybe.

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