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Apr 16, 2006
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Sorry guys but heres my situation........I have a good basement to start growinh hydro in.good ventellation, high ceilings..

All I really have is a grow table(holds like 40 plants) and I have a hook up on some clones.........

Not to sound like a jackass but what else would I need to get the ball rollling?? I'm pretty green ( no pun intended) on what type of lights, fertilizer, timers etc.

Please help a brother out..I wanna start ASAP.



high pressure sodium (hps) lights are best for flowering, they range from 250w-1000w

Metal Halide (mh)best for veg growth, they also range from 250w-1000w

I have 400w mh for veg (18 plants) and 1000w hps for flowering (8 plants)

these lights emit a lot of heat so you many need to buy cool tubes (basically a heat proof glass tube) and ducting and a fan to move the hot air out of the room. You'll also need a 6 or 12 inch fan to blow over your plants

You can also buy flourescent lights but i dont know much about them


Better to start with a something like canna vega (for veg) and canna flores (for flowering) for hydro you'll also need a ph meter and ppm/ec meter to measure your nute strength. and bottles of ph and ph down,

timers a standard household timer might be able to cope with up to 400w but any more will fuse the contacts in the timer. if you want more wattage you will have to buy something called a contractor relay to use between the timer and the mains.

Hope it helps

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