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Sep 23, 2021
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Hi y'all, Im about to start a new challange here, doing my first hydroponic system at home. I am going to do DWC for start (that's seems to be the easiest for a first timer).

I have a couple of question before I go shopping. So first of all I don't know how big buckets I'm going to need. I have a 1.2m*1.2m*2m Secret Jardin tent with 2 P600 viparspectra led lights. I have Expert Gorilla Auto Fem seeds which I cultivated many times in the same setup but in soil of course. I'm planning to do 8 as usual (it's giving me 60g/plant in soil so not bad).

So the buckets. I read the rule of thumb is 3-4gallons which is roughly 15L/plant. Is that correct or should I go with smaller for autos (the size fits in the tent, its the same size as my pots)

Next question would be feeding and aeration. I understand the plants need 1L/minute of air for each gallon but I'm not sure how does it actually works? I'm planning on buying an aerator that gives 1200L/hour, that would be 20L/minute, If I have 8 3-4 gallon bucket, that should do the math but is it correct in the realiy or should I buy better aerator?

Last but not least, feeding. I found a wee chart on Advanced Hydroponics nute's website and I would like to ask your opinion on it. I include the photo. Can I follow that feeding for first or do you recommend another one?

Sorry for the lot of questions I just wanna make sure I do everything right.

Many thanks y'all


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Get the bigger buckets, try to make them one foot or more in depth. You need an airstone in the bottom of each bucket. I am not sure about how many liters of air you need but you cannot have too much so the more the better. You want the surface of the water in each getting a lot of bubbling action.

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