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Feb 23, 2010
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Howdy, it's me again with more questions, tiresome aren't I? I have a t250 work light, it has a uv blocking glass that is removeable(I have removed it), it seems to put out an awful lot of very bright white light but I think it's halogen, it is a t250 round light bulb with flat ends, that is flat on both ends. Question, is it any good for growth of plants, I don't care if it is flowering or vegging or both, I just want to know if I can supplement my light supply with it? I need more light(I have 400 watt hps for a 4' x 4' area, which I might say doe's a pretty impresive job of complete cycle growing, I have grown 2 complete cycle's, clone to flower without a glitch). What do you think, will it work, I hate to change a working system and have failure of some sort? thank you all for your response in advance.

If it is a halogen, it will not work. It is the wrong spectrum and puts out way too much heat. Many work lights with glass are halogen.
no to the work light... lots of heat, lots of power, and no real benefit.
Thanks folks, work light is gone, it was awful hot. thanks again.


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