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Oct 2, 2005
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Hey all i am looking to start growing, i have been researching everything and deticating all my time to that so i have some questions for all u pro's out there.

1. Where's the best source to find reliable seeds.
2. Where could i find lights and how many watss would i need for couple plants could i set-up a nice growroom in my closet, what could i use for couple plants
4.watering the plants
5 how to put the seed after germenating it
6.any good sites, or tips for the best growing.

If u guys could answer any questions that would be kool cause i wanna do this.
High and welcome Nugget123.

First let me say you are going about this the right way. I read so many posts that start out something like "I threw some seeds in a glass of water 2 days ago and they have little white tails....what do i do now."

The most important piece of growing equipment is knowledge.
People could answer your Q's 1 by 1, but a much much better way to aquiring knowledge before you drop seeds is reading a grow book. In fact, 2 or 3 of them. People who do some reading increase their chances of success 1000%.
There are many grow books available, many of them free, on-line.
I'm partial to books; something you can hold in your hand and is way more convienent than a computer. You can buy grow books at any major book store. Anything by Ed Rosenthal is good.
So maybe buy one and read one on-line.
Here's a nice on-line grow guide.

Re: your 1st Q:
Doing an internet search on seed banks will give you a list of companies that sell seeds. However, for 1st-time growers I recommend seeds you find in the pot you buy. You want to look for fat brown seeds.
They are free, and in the case of Mexican schwag, very hearty. An excellent choice for a first grow since they can take a lot of abuse and still yield you bud. The bud won't be ultra-killer, but it will give you an idea of the basics.
And you will end up with pot lots better than the pot the seeds came from, since most commercial pot is mistreated, esp. in harvesting, transportation and storage.
And it will be better simply because YOU grew it.

My advice:
Read a few grow guide's. If you deciede to grow indoors, construct a grow space first.
Don't worry about hydro or DWC or scrog (you'll learn what these are by reading). To me, the best way to start is in quality potting soil, under HPS light (ideally 50 watts per sq/ft.)
During you first grow, if you encounter a problem not covered by a grow book, feel free to ask here.
Also, cruise sites like this and read other grower's posts.

Simply put, the more you know the more you'll grow.

Growing your own is fun. Even better is getting great pot for pennies rather than dollars. For a simple basic closet grow, you may spend $300.00 and a few hours to get started. Then maybe $100 in elect & nutrients over the next 4 months.
And you'll make that all back with the first harvest.
Example: grow 8 plants under a 400-watt HPS that yield an oz. per plant--bam that's a half a pound right there. I don't know how much a half a pound of mid-grade buds cost in your neck of the woods but I bet it's more than the $400.00 it costs you to grow your own.

So read read read.

And keep us posted on your progress, because we care, and want you to succeed.
First let me welcome you to the world of growing. If you cruise enough forums, you'll see that many people have many MANY different ways of approching MJ cultivation.

GanjaGuru is right (and a master of the subject I might add...), reading up on the subject is key. Some prefer books, others mags, myself forums. I find that forums allow you to see other people's set-ups, and give you insight and ideas on how you can get started.

In my opinion, you may not want to spend too much for your first grow. Like GanjaGuru said, get cheap seeds to start. There's no sense in paying good money for seeds, if you're unsure how to grow them properly (you likely won't get maximum yeild on your first few grows).

But more than that, rather than buying an expensive lighting system like an HPS or MH ballast/bulb, maybe try with floros or CFL's (those energy-saver spiral bulbs). They are ALOT cheaper, and are good to experiment/practice with... They work too! I yeilded 1/2 oz. of dried bud on my first grow with these (3 CFL bulbs). The growing was slow(6 weeks vegging until plant maturity, then 11 weeks of flowering), but it gave me time to learn while I was growing.

Research ALOT before you actually get started. Good luck to ya.

...and post picks. We all want to help you grow better, bigger bud.
hey thanka you guys for the advice but some small question i have are how many watts will i need when its a baby and how much lighting do they need and how for from the seed to the light if you could help that would be great and what should i grow to start off and so on, and also how do i swich the plant in bigger poys if i need it?

thankx alot
thnkx for the help ill keep u posted with pics and stuff
You can't start plants outside this late.
The days are getting shorter everyday since late June; there is currently not enough daylight hours to supply pot with what it needs for vegatative growth.
Ganja Guru do you do any good sites or good books more in depth things about marijuana at this point, i no the basics how to grow indoors and so on.... But now i just wondering if you guyz anyone could help me set-up a nice grow room with the right bulbs and so-on -thankx
Hey Hick,

That is one cool as site, i have never seen something so specific in every subject. Also i am doing a 3 by 3 grow box and am starting the seeds out on floresent lights, then i dont know what i am going to do i have a 400 HPS bulb which would work good to for certain stages or whatever i need it for. I have germinated 5 seeds 1 and a half days ago and 2 of the seeds have already sprouted should i leave then in there until the others are finished? But anyway the box is 3 by 3 like i said and i am getting everything set-up. But i am really pareniod about family,friends, ect finding out or whoever so i am like really careful at all times due to how much trouble u could get in. As i read some on the site that Hick sent me that was very specific and really helped me more than any other grow guide. Thankx again Hick.... So as i was saying i am going to start each seed out in a seperate grow pot a nice little one.... how far should the Fluorescent light be from each seed and how many will i need if i will have 3 pots inside of my grow box, b/c i am going to still have to set-up the Fluorescent's so i was just wondering how many i would need for the three plants, and at which stage in the process of growing should i change to 400 watt or so on...?¿ As i read about watering and ferterlizing. You should water ounce a week and make sure the first couple inches of the soil are wet/moist or whatever. I wish u guyz could just come over and do it lol jk.... Also how does the whole fertelizer work?lol I will be growing this in my closet in a secure place. And inside my box should i put tinfoil or white paint on the inside?> Im sure some of these could be answered on sites but i like talking to other people about things like this... Growing Indoors is becoming very popular, but very illeagle so to all u indoor grwoing Be Careful and best wishes to you and your plants(babies in some cases). - Keep u posted

Flou's need to be kept as close as possible(less than 1 inch) from sprouting seedlings. "Cool" whites can even be touching them. Air circulation on them immeadiatly will keep the stems strong.
The 400 is ideal for your 3'X3' box,(50 watts p/sq/ft.) and can be utilized throughout the entire grow. I do believe that the link that I posted has an in depth, pictures provided, step-by-step guide for building a 4X4 box almost identical to what you're describing building.
Flat white paint is far superior to "tin foil" in all aspects.

Seedlings don't need and will not tolerate fertilizers for the first 2 weeks of growth. By purchasing a quality organic soil, you can eliminate/alleviate fertilizing almost entirely for several weeks. Quality organic fertilizers are recommended too. Organics are far easier to administer, with less chance of over feeding or nute burn, and produce the tastiest product.

Watering cannot be set to a structured schedule. Plant size, pot size, vigor, soil properties and environment all play a part in how often you'll need to water. Water (soak) the entire medium thouroughly, then let them dry out untill the top 2-3 inches is dry or untill the medium starts to shrink away from the sides of the pot before thouroughly soaking again.
OVERGROW is content rich, very easy to get lost in the details... It does have very specific forums such as the Micro Grow forum (that one is very informative for cheap grows, stealth grows, SOG and ScrOG.

Alot of what I've learned is from both this forum and overgrow.

Good luck
I got a question when plant the seeds how much and often should i water them and when switching plant to bigger container how to take it out without hurting the roots and stuff.....
Also the number of hours of light it should get a day and so on......
You asked earlier how much light... a safe number is 50W per square foot. That's a happy medium. YOu can go as high as 75W (starting to be overkill) and as low as 35W (will give quite a bit of stretch), but 50W is the magic number.

Watering: Give the plant a good soak. Then wait until the first 2 inches of soil (fromthe top of course) is dry and starting to pull away from the pot, and then give it a good soak again.

Container: Like a regular tree, a plant has muh roots below the surface as it does foliage above surface (it's very close at least). As a basic rule, you want to transfer to a larger pot once your foliage has outgrow the pot. To transfer it, simply squeeze the container (or knock it against something... not too hard though) to loosen up the soil. Then simply transfer to your next container filled with you mix of soil, putting your plant on the top. Be careful not move the root ball too much, or tear any of it off. Also, only transfer your plant whenthe soil is dry-ish. A wet soil mixture will turn to mush, be very heavy and likely tear the root ball. Don't forget to water once you've transfered the plant.

Light: start with 24/0 for flowering until the plant is mature (alternating nodes, minimum 3 weeks unless you're doing SOG). Transfer to 12/12 for flowering. Length of flowering time will depend on your variety/strain.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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