New grow room

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Apr 4, 2005
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Ok, here is my new setup, I will be growing some jock horror. I also took picture of my white widow male :mad: :mad: .
Nice work! What kind of light is that in the third picture?
Put the small plants on bricks or wood blocks or something to get them closer to the light.
Ganja you think bending after a week of flowering can stress the plant into male?
The picture you see does are the white widow male plants which I removed them already. I am starting jock horror, it seems like a fast growing strain. I had sprout in less then 24hrs and ones I threw them in the soil they popped out the next day. Hope I will be able to vegg 9 sprouts with my 400watt system at a decent size, I don't really want them that big.
biz..are you having "male" problems?..too many, I mean?..or hermies?
undue stress can promote hermies, especially in "less than perfect" genetics. I've also found that stress during the 2-4 week of seedling, seems promote more males. Those weeks, try lower temps(65-70) higher humidity, and 18/6 or 16/8 light cycle, under as much blue spectrum as you can muster.

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