New Posts link not working

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Mar 27, 2005
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MarP, I am not getting the new posts up when I hit the link for them...I thought no one was posting! lol Can you fix this? Thanks. :) G :)
Hi Goldie

You can post new threads? Is that what you mean?
Sorry, what I meant was when I hit the New Posts button to allow the new posts to come up onto the board, I got nothing. It does seem to be working now, though - maybe it was just a temporary glitch.
Ok, i understand. Maybe some server problems I guess.
Oops - sorry, its NOT working - I just found a thread 3 days old - I would have responded 3 days ago had I seen it...:(
Ok ... Goldie I know it, You are Officially Stoned and missing the posts! haha (joke)

No, I really don't know what's happening.

I haven't seen anything strange.

Anyone else seeing posts dissapearing or new posts functions not working?

Please reply!
Ha ha ha - no not stoned - I wish I was! lol - I am getting ready to transplant my strawberries - got that general gardening thread up yet? ;) Thanks.

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