Oh this is excellent!

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Mar 27, 2005
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:D MarP, you`re the man...here`s to you! :D
Hi Goldie

Thanks! :eek: blush blush haha

Well, it would be great if we can make this website a biggie, and overgrow the world.

I have this idea to put all the money we bring in here on this website, from sponsors or affiliate programs will be used to promote this website. I won't give myself money earned from this site.

So, these polls should give us an idea to reach this goal. The more money we make the more we can advertise or use this money to do contests and free seed give aways etc.

The more members we have the more vote power we have.
Imagine we do a poll about a favourite marijuana seedbank, and after we see the results we can do an offer to the best rated seedbanks and let them advertise here and the members here can buy from them, this would be a win win deal, maybe the seedbank could give some discount too.

We put the money back into the site for advertising or maybe hire writers to write info for the site. You know what I mean Goldie?? :)
I got a better idea..................

What if I could get a private breeder to sell his seeds directly, and EXCLUSIVLY from this site? I have the conections to get this going.:cool:
:::doing the happy dance::::) Yeah, a seedbank - too cool - way too cool! :)
MarP: "We put the money back into the site for advertising or maybe hire writers to write info for the site. You know what I mean Goldie?? :)"

LOL - I just caught that! Yes, that`ll work! Good idea, MarP!
NTC, you have the connections to get this going? You are welcome to introduce this, no probs.
As long as the seeds are good quality and buyers are happy :)
MarP, let me say this - that big S is a literal icon! NTC is the man...;)
Have you heard of Superman? Well, I nicknamed NTC Supergrower...
Ok, i get it. Cool :)

It would be actually a great idea to have then sell exclusively on this site.

We have to talk about share of $ or % commission of the seeds sold.
Mmnnn...if I could get hold of some, could I add them to the seedbank?
Yes, excellent seeds...I prolly could get a few thousand...
yes, that's fine with me. Only thing would be how to accept money. Cash I can do, but no credit cards or money orders.
Hmm....not a problem. We 3 need to get together & work this out. Thanks, MarP.
;) Hopefully the big breeder Z is on his way. Thanks, marP. ;)

Working out something for you for $$ wouldn't be a problem. Of course you'd get your share, it's your site. I'd have to work this out with my breeder friend first before we did it though.
The seeds are stable strains. The breeder is a pro, and has been working on these strains for the last 10 years. He finally feels they are stable enough to sell. These are strains you won't find anywhere else. He made them himself through crossing different strains. They are highbred seeds, that are supposed to get excellent results. He has just given a few seeds to a select group of people. Once we determine that they are stable and consistant, they be up for sale. Accepting payments is easy! Paypal does everything! If people don't want to use Paypal, they can send cash or money orders.

This is about a month or two off, we gotta finish the testing stage first. But if it all works out, this could be good for all!!

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