ordering seeds over the net?

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Sep 19, 2005
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hey people newbie to this forum just wondering what u guys think of ordering seeds over the net ie. good idea bad idea? any legal trouble involved?

this is my 2nd season growing each time ive only done one plant because of serious space restrictions and the fact that i like having one big plant haha anyway im looking to start growing like 4 plants at a time and im wondering if i should just look around to buy 4 plant in early veg or if i should order the seeds and start from scratch?

for vegging i start the plant outside during the summer it gets a solid 8 hours of sun a day and when it starts flowering i move it inside under a 125 watt 12000 lumen solux light. i would go with HPS or MH but im trying to stay with self ballasted lamps. i also have a double flourescent ficture with 2 40 watt 3000 lumen gro lux bulbs so in total i have about 18000 lumens to 4 square feet of growing area which gives me 4500 lumens/sq. ft. ill have some pics of the setup posted soon.

any feedback on my seed ordering question or comments/suggestions about my grow strategy would be appreciated

now all that typing took a lot out of me time for a smoke break lol thanks ppl
It's usually safe to order seeds over the net and have them shipped to your house. If customs intercepts them, they'll just destroy them.

You say you start plants outside in the summer then move them inside.
That's the exact opposite of what most people do--start them inside in the early spring then move them outside.
I'm wondering why you move them inside in the fall. Left outside they will flower under the best possible light there is--the sun.
well where I live the sun is really only strong from june-august and when mid september rolls around its basically just clouds and rain so i start outside and leave outside from june to august and mid september i move inside under lights for flowering last year i did this and got about 1.25 Os from one plant
Ordering seeds over the net is only as safe as the site you order from. Buy from a credible seed company that you hear allot about. Just remember to use a friends address if possible. I am the owner of a seed supply company: http://www.noneofyourbusiness.ca I destroy all info as soon as the order is shipped.

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