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Mar 29, 2005
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papaya-anyone heard anything g or b about this strand?
I have heard it is a fairly good one.
growing it now... it's a little difficult to manage, nutes are kinda tricky but I've heard many good reports of the smoke so I'm keeping it for now...
Mmm...are we talking about the papaya that is the same as mango?
papaya is nirvana's version of KC Brains mango basically...
:::doing the happy dance:::

I have that - I won the seeds back in the winter! :)


I am going to put those out later. :cool:

I hear that the mango has a wonderful smell and taste. :p
Im growing some papaya right now, I wouldnt recommend nirvana seeds but this strain is definetly one of their better ones. Quick developing, fast maturing plant with descent yeild real potent to.
got 2 growing right now at 3 weeks old.:D along with 2 ak-48 and 2 northern berry:D growing very fast will transplant these babies into 3 gallon pots soon.:D

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