Looking for something with the purple reddish leaves ect color

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I was very happy with "green crack" from Mephisto genetics
Quick run and delicious .
they are out of stock ,ima gonna jump when they come around again..
I have some greencrack lines I have been playing with for a few years now.
Wild flavor profiles very unique imo but also unstable at times.
I need to do another run of some it's been awhile.
If you want to grow the highest quality cannabises you gonna need to get away from autos.
Feminized and even regulars have a distinct advantage. Better genetics without the rude curve ball tossed in AND...you are in control of when it flowers. Meening....you dont need/want to run 16/8 your entire grow. Best yield with autos will come with more light than 12/12 offers. So you will be running your lights longer.

Personally, regulars are a tad more hassle than i care to deal with unless its special. Such as my RKO are "boutique seeds" with complicated genetics. I had 2 males out of 5 seedlings but i still wasted well over a month on them before they got trashed.
If you want to grow the highest quality cannabises you gonna need to get away from autos.
I feel there is a place for autos in this world.
I have grown some mephisto's seed and it sent 50 year smokers home drooling.
I grow both. But to throw a dozen autos outside and not worry about the neighbors motion sensor lite going on is nice.I now have 9 started outside and starting another 9 outside b4 the frost.
the electric is cheap outside too Brother !
If you want to grow the highest quality cannabises you gonna need to get away from autos.
This was some great dank i grew of Cartys. Great taste and high. Won BOTM in febuary 2022
Its a Gabagoo Auto

I was never a big fan of ruderalis

but there is a huge niche market for the autos
Soon as they hit the scene I quit taking in new genetics.
Then the femming and selfing started and made me glad I did it.
Nothing wrong with doing any of that if you want to I just choose not to.
I don't drink at all my Pops was a mean drunk and it never appealed to me.
Still got two DUI convictions for have a joint on me.
Wasn't even in a vehicle both times.........Florida law is wack.
For me, running autos next is part of the learning experience you dont get unless YOU DO IT yourself. Plus im out of space and time to do more outside unless i heat my greenhouse. That will likely happen but atm im too busy to deal with running the electric the way i want to do it. Plus its more than likely going to be for my rocoto peppers that are such a total pain to grow during our summer. They hate high heat and are very cold tolerant. I end up with beautiful plants with no fruit. :D

Locally though, none of the guys i know will run autos. They all trade/sell clones which wont happen with autos.

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