Purple Red leaves

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It may be that amazing spider thrip again….
The dreaded Spider Thrip
Back 18 years ago i encountered a kind of a tiny spider like pest that colonized and ate only buds. It was very localized on the bud so much that i left it to eat and then move on. It consumed a very small amount by the end of the cycle and did not spread to the entire grow area. I thought that it should be the dreaded spider mite i always heard about only to find out a few years later that it was not. I still have no clue what it was.
If they really are spider mites, you will be fighting them daily through harvest. Those plants look to be 9+ weeks away from that.

You can make a soap-water-alcohol spray that won't ruin the taste. It's cheap and it will slow the mites down, but it won't take them out completely. I used that and water sprayers to limp some GSC autos to harvest. Not sure I would do it again, though. It would have to be some really good bud : )
They are little guys like that, but the ones I'm seeing are either brown or white. I haven't noticed any spotted but I've never seen them blown up like that either. It's funny, I wrote the post initially about my leaves but the bugs took over. That shows how much I know about growing :)
Well we survived to harvest but just barely. The buds I got looked nice, and they're curing nice (great smell) but I only got less than an ounce. Really sad but given the never-ending bugs I was dealing with I guess I'm lucky I made it to the end. This was from a seed we found in some northern lights we bought so no harm, just the time. I conveniently found another seed in my weed bag last week, no idea what it is, but I'm about to plant it. Will be interesting growing a plant having no idea what it will grow into. Wish me luck and thanks for the help on this one.
Yikes. too many pics of Mites! Hate them bastards.

Ocean forest always made my plants look like fall up north, everytime. I had to quit using it. Its very hot. Happy frog seemed to be a little gentler on the plants.

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