passing a drug test and smoke the day before

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cincy boy

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Jan 20, 2005
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alright I learned this from an old hillbilly friend of mine that has to take drug

test for his work and I'v personally tried this my self so no worries

Ok theres this stuff called sur gel its used to make

jellys and jams it gives them there texture the jelly feeling

you buy a box of that its around 2$ from a grocery store its all the same

amont when you buy it jello also works and taste take that and

and mix it in a 20oz bottel with cold water and shake it real good

Two hours before your test you drink the mix and then drink another 20oz

bottel of sumthing it can be anything make sure you eat sumthing to and

take 1 piss after you eat and then take the test your garented to pass even

if you smoke the day befor the reason is is that it coats your stomach and

when you piss its just a gel but its really piss it really works no joke i

wouldent post it on here if it didnt :)
thats cool, i'll have to pass that info along. thanx cincy :)
carful some states have passed laws to make tampering with a drug test a felony :mad: but they don't test for blockers such as sur gel, yet. good luck. :cool:
It s pretty much impossible to trace :D
no law against eating jello or jelly. they would have no case at all against you for eating jello or jelly. :)
You have to pass shit like that on when it will help other people
these days, lots of jobs require a durg test. luckily, i work for myself so my drug test would be an essay, or multiple choice and true/false. if you score good i may hire you. :)
good thinking what kind of bissnes do you run
I drank the jello and took the test on friday.
I hadn't smoked in two weeks though.
I'll let y'all know the results on monday.
I drive a truck and get tested randomly so it will be good to know I dont have to quit.(again)
I Passed

but dont know if its because I abstained for 2.5 weeks, or the jello or the fact that I drank 1 gallon of water also.
verified for sure with jello and 1 gallon water after 2.5 weeks weedless. wonder how well it would work for the chronic smoker that smokes all the way up till on the way to the drug test? :) or maybe one that smokes heavily the night before.
I smoked a big blunt of chronic the night befor with one of my buddies and took the test the next day around noon it works promise i dident even drink water at all
thats great. been confirmed even with no water at all. you did mix up water in your jello didnt ya :) you can eat that stuff dry.

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