peps tell me about these.

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Feb 9, 2010
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1; Dinafem Deisel fem
2;dinafem White Widow fem
3;Th seeds Burmese Kush fem
4;TH seeds Kushage fem

Anybody doing any of these now? They were all freebies from the Tude.

They all germed in 40hrs,

I am still germing a G-13labs NL fem auto...I don't think it will.
I am doing a Burmese Kush about three weeks into flower as well as 3 clones in waiting. I will try and get a photo on. Mine cracked quickly also as well as the Marley Chesse freebe from attitide. Have a bunch more going also, Red Desiel, Skunk Berry and a few more that are not coming to mind. BB
Thanks dman,how long did u veg the BK?
dman, did u top em?How tall were they?
my freebie burmese kush from the attitude just threw sum balls out:hairpull:
MM, Sorry to hear. How far into flower?
the first week! sad cuz this plant was going to produce more than a lb. but that shouldnt be a big dent in my stash this year:hubba:
v35b said:
dman, did u top em?How tall were they?

I did top it, but i did it early, and it was in a room that was over crowded so i think it suffered quantity wise, but it didnt suffer quality wise at all, it was also done very early by my standards, it was ready at 7.5 weeks, killer at 8.5 weeks.
never had any of those but ive had terrific results w was hit or miss
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