Perfect perpetual grow

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I was talking with fellow grower last night over at his place, the usual stuff, football (soccer), ladies (with and without leaves), music (blues based rock) and when we got onto the subject of cars, as so often happens we got onto our "perfect 10 car garage". The sort of thing you would do with a lottery win. Money no object, car for every occasion (sorry guys, only American car in mine was a 67 Shelby, the rest were European, ours go around corners !!!)

So, we then got onto a "perfect perpetual harvest. 10 weeks veg (including rooting time), 10 weeks flower. Perfect room setups with ac, CO2 etc and harvesting 4 plants every 2 weeks. 20 veg, 20 flowering giving 10 strains taking cuts 2 weeks before flowering so no moms needed so you then have to pick your top 10 strains.
I have limited experience here so after a bit of head scratching I came up with. I have not included strains I have not tried so many of your favourites will not be here.
Jack Herer
White Dolphin (NL#5 x Haze)
Train Wreck
Larry OG
Pineapple Express
White Widow
Northern Lights
Cinderella 99
Blue Cheese

I am actually working towards this kind of set up and have half these strains growing atm.
What are your top 10's??

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