Ph fluctuation?

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Ok, this is a big bud.
It is a 4 week old clone, in a small 1 gal bubbler with an EC of 2.6, now corrected back to 2.

A week or so ago, the ph was down at 5.2, not sure how I messed that up but it was probably at that level for a couple of days. I then over corrected to 5.8 (no bad thing). Now back to 5.5/5.6 and new growth is looking fine & dandy.

The discolouration on these leaves I put down to the ph error and me over correcting it until I got it back to 5.5

She will be going into new nutes tomorrow but I wanted to check my diagnosis was correct.
Advice/Suggestions etc appreciated as always.
Really, a pH swing from 5.2 to 5.8 should not hurt your plants at all. I like to let mine drift from about 5.3 to about 6.0 to insure uptake of all nutes.
I have similar spots on my girl and thats about a month into flower. I was told its a cal/mag deficiency....or mites
I have checked thoroughly for mites with a magnifying glass and cannot see any traces of them, no holes in the leaves either.
Could be cal/mag def, will buy some calmag and see if it sorts out the problem. Using AN sensi grow nutes, which have calcium and magnesium and the ph has rarely been outside sweetspot so am not sure where the deficiency could come from. Will try calmag anyway.
Ok, so I looked around 2 plants I put into flower wast Saturday, they were displaying similar symptoms to the others mentioned in this thread.
I pulled off 2 lower leaves that were about ready to fall off, they came away with hardly any pressure on them.
They were older fan leaves, taken from the bottom 1/3 of the plant. New growth is lush & a lovely green.

The leaf on the left has the striping seen in Mg def plants, but the wrong way around! The veins are yellow but the leaf in between is green.

Ca def normally shows in new growth first, as mentioned, the new growth is fine.
I have several clones, some in flower, some in veg and all are showing some symptoms of this nature though these 2 leaves were by a long way the worse.
Suggestions for possible fixes??? Epsom salts? If so, how much per Gal, EC is 2.0
Thanks W
I would use cal-mag rather than epsom salts, which doesn't supply any cal.
I will pop into the hydro shop tomorrow to get some.
The symptoms are not quite what the guides say but it is obvious that this particular strain needs a bit extra something so calmag it is.

Peace W

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