Yellowing new growth and inbetween the growth/leaves

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May 28, 2021
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east coast
hey hows it going guys i had to create a new account haven't been on in like 10 years now everything was going good LOL, so here's my story, recently moved to a new town PH is high from start off. im a month 1/2 into a new grow the last 2 weeks the yellow started happening in between the veins of the fan leaves and the new growth is yellow, no leaves curling or withering as they grow out. so i was watering at 6.4/6.5 ph since the start. I was watering often which this is my first time in 7 gall and doing a 15 i wanted to up it in the new place but watering has finally slowed down now im learning the buckets (thought this problem was cause of over watering). so i been watering the last 2 weeks less and with 6.0 PH'd water it seems to have been helping and the leaves are a little darker today these are pics from 2 days ago. just wondering bout to experienced help over here... if you ask each strain is different in this grow.....These are the last of my freebies sitting around from attitude I'm finally getting to try i can tell u labels but they all started around the same time. i think its PH as its coming back alittle better since lowering PH and letting dry more but is there anything extra or spot on i can do?

plants are 1 month old - 2 bags of fox farm ocean forest/ 1 bag light warrior mix
7 gal pots (1) 15 gall pot all same soils
fox farm nutes with calmag, foxfarm comeback formula so far used, and following mama recipe like i have for years. and upping the doses as needed in nutes

i haven't ran into an issue in a long time so this is kinda a good way to get back into the forums again


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Indica fan here, looks good to me. OF soil is good choice, you mentioned cal mag too. All indica pluses, also pH base you covered. Study one of those charts that shows what PH nutrients are available or locked out. Calcium isn't really available until 6.3 or so. I would normally raise PH a little said you monitored PH and adjusted it like that and it's I say "looks good" and enjoy

Hey what’s up how’s it going thanks for the replies I’m pretty sure that I’ve got it down to either PH or wetness from overwatering or it being in the basement had a cold or stage always around 70s low 70s I just did a ph water for 6.3 I been doing 6.1-6.3 latley as 6.5 didn’t seem like it was doing much but I also recalibrated my pen just don’t wanna push back to 6.5 just yet... They are all Indica strains they all are growing short and stocky I even topped two of them. New pics below of just this morning they on 1 month and 1 week flip is in 3 weeks so I’d like to kinda get this down ASAP


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