ph too alkaline? and nute Q

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Bogart Mc Thunderdunk

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Jun 1, 2011
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hi nothing really wrong with the plants yet just trying to get the ph right.
the only ph test i could find so far is a test tube soluble colour code type. are these any way believable? it came out with my soil being too alkaline, how can i fix this (macguiver style if possible).

i read on the greenmans faq page that you can add vinegar?

this is all assuming that those tests are some way believable which im gonna guess theyre not. i wont be doing anything till im sure anyway, im slowly finding the right things to use anyway its just taking time so all hypothetical for now.

also does seaweed feed affect this atall?
i got liquid organic seaweed, it says root drench or foliar feed. should i dilute further than instructions?
or any tips for its use.

any help appreciated.
horticultural lime @ 1 tbsp per gallon of medium pre-mixed into your soil next time..;) will buffer your ph and pretty much eliminate any soil ph worries.
Those color tests are usually.... "in the ball park". But not what I would recommend. You can get a decent pen for under $50 ;)
cheers will keep in mind for next time, any way of fixing it afterwards though? also i thought lime decreased the acidity? is horticultural lime different just sets it neutral?
"lime".. NOT lime juice :p will act as a buffer for the ph. It works to keep the medium "neutral" (7.0) BUT, it requires some time to work properly. It isn't a 'quick fix'..
food products, vinegar, lemon/lime juice don't last. IMO... buy ph up and down formulated for horticulture. Adjust your ph 'after' adding any nutes ect. to the water.

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