Phlizon Cyber Monday Giveaway! The Last 24 Hours Mega Sale!

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Phlizon LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants
May 4, 2023
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Hi Everyone! Phlizon Cyber Monday Sale is going active,come to check PHLIZON grow lights the last 24 hours! Let us continue with the Giveaway with Phlizon Cyber Monday Sale!

👉Easy to participate:
🍃1. Answer the question: what’s your favorite Phlizon Grow Light, or what’s Phlizon grow light you are interested in?
🍃2. The winner will be announced on Dec.10TH
🍃3. The winner is required to share the grow diaries

Prize: 1pcs PL2000 200W LED Grow Light

Good Luck! And please note that Phlizon Cyber Monday Sale is going active, come to check PHLIZON grow lights for the last 24 hours Mega Sale !

PS. Extra 8% OFF discount code “PHMP8” for the best price!

Phlizon US store:
Phlizon UK store:
Phlizon EU store:
Phlizon AU store:

No tax, with free shipping from the local warehouse
Fast delivery 5-7 business days
3-year Warranty, 30-day Free Return

Thank you for all the support to Phlizon! If you have any questions you can email us at [email protected]!!!

My favorite phlizon light is the FD6000.
My buddy has one and i would LOVE to get one myself but im way to poor lol.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway @PhlizonGrowLight
I will be grateful for whatever I get right now I have el-cheapo from amazon 2 -70 watt leds.
My babies are in early flower and need better lights.
I just won this same pl2000 at IC Mag, i added it to a 450w pl4500 in a 4x4. Daisy chained it and all. Ive never run daisy chain so its pretty neat lol.

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