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Oct 12, 2005
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I readed about growing marihuana indoor, but i still can't understand anything.I smoke pot from 4-5 years, and i still don't know how to grow a question is :

About two weeks ago, I bought some skunk,and fortunatelly i found one seed in the pot.I'm still keeping this seed, because i want to raise it.Could someone give me 5 steps what to do, and how to cultivate it in my room?And is it true that when i have only one seed from one sort it won't grow?

Sorry for this annoying letter but i feel ashamed from the fact i can't raise weed,and i'll be very happy to grow my own soon
only five steps huh? I'll give you 6. a cheap light (compact fluro will do the job for your first experiment) soil, a small pot, a larger pot, a power bar and an extension cord
4.empty a closet and set up your lights
5.put the seed in the soil, water it regularly.
6.ask questions in the forum.
ha nice thats exactly what i did and im enjoying my product now.
Well, i tryed and my plants are growing already.very soon i'm gonna make photos of the place i putted it and i will post them here to see.I put the pot in the wardrobe, covered it on the inside with cooking paper that reflects the light from the lamp, and it's so fine that i can't believe it :)
homegrown said:
covered it on the inside with cooking paper that reflects the light from the lamp,

No not aluminum foil. Either white paint or those 1 dollar mylar space blankets. No tin foil dude.

you also need a fan. Fan makes a breeze, which cuases microscopic tears in the stem. making it stronger. Stronger plant means better buds.

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