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As much as seller wants.

This is not a site to buy or sell weed. Personally, I have neither bought or sold weed since '00.

Prices for marijuana vary depending on quality, location and time of year.

If you want pot real cheap, grow some. You could have lbs. this spring if you start now.
If you are planning to be a caregiver for MJ meds. then you should grow. You'll be able to get the strain that works well for your grandmother.

Her meds will be more potent and more pure. Buying weed is like buying a used car from cartrader. you can't be sure of anything.

Get a good female and keep it in veg. cloning her cuttings to grow bud for your grandmother. Plus you won't have to worry about finding a supply for her meds. That is your best bet.
i know i dont want to buy or sell weed here. im wandering how much would u price 3.5 oz?
I haven't bought in a long time. Last I heard 100 for 1oz. cheapo brick weed and it goes up from there. that is southeast.
in my part of the country it will run you 250 to 600 per oz depending on strenth , high stone ,ect. but i would say the best thing for you to do is take your grandmother to the doc and let him perscribe her meds for her before you get in any trouble trying to buy from someone .

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