Psychedelic Pope Soil Formula

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Aug 16, 2005
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I came across a soil formula that looks pretty good. Anyone ever seen this before? Recommended?


Here's the mixture and grow formula you want
to use for the VERY BEST in growing results
and plant strength.

PASS THIS POST ON to all of the MJ and POT
and CANNABIS newsgroups - PLEASE!

The Psychedelic Pope Pot Farmer Formula for BIGGIES

Here's the list of stuff to use for fertilizer mix
needs for the plants. Mix in equal parts the

These each come usually in 50 pound bags.
That's enough for 50 plants for two years.

Alfalfa pellets
powder kelp
Greensand (from the state of NJ is best)
Precipating bone meal
Fish meal
feather meal
Chicken Shit pellets
worm castings
powder oyster shell
rock phospate
hardwood ashes (I think Oak is the best
but, don't let it get wet or it's of no use.)

Mix it all together (equally) with 5 pounds
of hoof and horn meal --
then -- use a pound per plant mixed with good
rich potting soil.

That's all there is to it.

Enjoy your plants and thank you Reggie for the
fantastic formula!

We all love you for it.
I wouldn't use it. I avoid using animal parts. Other animals (bears, coyotes, mountain lions) tend to dig it up.

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