purple stems

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i love mj!
Apr 6, 2011
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after 3 week the plants look good but are getting puple stems and very slight yellow in leaves. i cant seem to upload pics. would a 6-4-3 food make it better? or what to do? thanks yall
Purple stems and leaf yellowing can be caused by a Phosphorus def, have you noticed any rust colored spots on your leaves? or are your leaves curling down wards?

Magnesium Def can also cause Purple stems, does your nute solution have Mag in it?

Are you growing in soil or Hydro?
When did you feed your plant last?

Some strains have purplish stems naturally
yes .5%. ive only feed them water 2 days ago. im holding off till my light comes in. grow in soil 20-20 20 mix. no rust curling down wards, yes, this is purple kush


Have you read the sticky`s my friend? They have a bank of info on all problems and symptoms you`ll ever see on MJ, purple stems being only a sign of a possible def. Many strains show it as normal genetics.
Does the purpling extend all the way down the plant, main stem included?
Purple stems can also be caused by lower temperatures... And yellowing leaves from nitrogen def. ... Could be completely unrelated issues... Pictures would help a ton!
i finally figured out how to upload pics. these are purple kush. (pics are on my last post) iit could be cause its also still cold here. is what they do when its cold?
If below like 50f, sure. This makes Phosphorus hard for the ladies to draw up.
I have to say those look very healthy to me my friend, what are you feeding them now(NPK), and when last? They look peckish:) 6-4-3 same as 12-8-6 etc.
Green mojo straight at ya!
yup 6-4-3. i put a heater in the room to bring up the temps till i get my light. useing a 90 watt ufo 6" above plant till then. fed thurs. 24 hr cycle
Purpling of the stems could also be strain related. When my plants get cold in the fall, the leaf is the first to start going purple.

I dont think they look that "yellow".
MJ can take lots of nutrients as long as they are built up over time, i.e 1/4 to 1/2 to 3/4 etc at each feeding schedule, once to twice a week. Not so much of a worry with Organics, better as you know, and much harder to burn the gals too.
Look into the nutrients section as they have many organic feeding programmes for optimal production of healthy bud;)
so i think it was the temps. i have the temps up to 78degs now and the leaves are straight out again. purple might be the strain. they are good. thanks all
Hmmm, the obvious would be the leaves look great, very healthy, don't worry those plants are fine... you would see other problems already if this was a concern, no need to counsel your fears!!! Nice grow so far...

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