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Aug 21, 2005
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Hey My plant is now about 8 days old . it is only about 2 inches high and has 12 leaves on it .. its progrssing very well .. i am growing it in a cut off 2 litre bottle .. today i checked on the plant and ive noticed that the roots have grown to the edges of the bottles and then follow the edge down to the bottom where i have poked the holes the roots are actually coming out of the pot ..

i know you are going to say that the plant has grown too big for the bottle but its only 3 roots .. in a T shaped pattern from the middle going to 3 seperate sides. .. .. the thing is no problem for me to transplant but im afraid that these are like the only roots from the plant and im scared to damage them . .

What would YOU do ??
just let it grow more ones you get root bound then transplant.
i wonder if you just gave me an idea? to aireate more often seems to me that the plant likes air as much as it does soil . 1 of my plants that died . i think it was from too much water . i planted it by the ditch and it rained hard 4 hours . next day it started to die out 3 days later i dug it up and the roots wasnt 2 inches belowthe ground. . the plant was 5 ft the roots were app. 2 feet wide . ok the point is if it is going deep it is after air which on most plants or trees the deeper the roots the stronger the trunk .so next year i think ill plant in plain ground by seed in ground the transplant when 2 feet tall into another spot and make airpockets which your not supposed to do to alot of plants but it might be worth a try . well you asked what would you do . ask ganga

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