removing male plants from NFT-help!

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Jun 27, 2005
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I have identified at least two male plants out of the 6 in my NFT system, and I want to yank those puppies before they can start droppin their demon seed on my females. Problem is, they are so freakin huge, the roots are massive and well established in the trays, possibly intertwined with the other female plants in the same trough. Can I just cut the males at their base/stalk, or will I need to somehow remove plant, roots and all? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Dont leave the roots in the system. As they break down they will cause mold and fungi to grow. Remove the basket if you can and cut the roots away with sizzors. Just be carefull.
Thanks DS:
Turns out I had to get rid of them at the roots anyway, as they had clogged my drain pipe and caused a major flood in the closet, complete with carpet soaking and accompanying leak in the kitchen ceiling below. What a day it's been. If I ever needed this bud to be ready it would be now. Got the mess cleaned up as best I could and cut those ******* net pots outta there. I had just snipped the males at the stalk, but you're right, they would eventually have caused problems. I just hope I haven't contaminated the roots by messing with them. I covered the two empty pot sites/slots with black plastic and taped em on there to keep out light from the trays.
If I lose my remaining 4 females at this point I'm gonna be singin' some major newbie blues. Thanks for the help--
Good luck man. But they look like they are verry healthy. I wouldnt worry to much. Just keep it clean, try not to get any light in it.

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