Ripe enough? (pics)

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Jun 27, 2005
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Starting to think I may need to let my plants go another few days to a week.
Today is week six of 12/12.

11weeks 010.jpg

11weeks 009.jpg

11weeks 008.jpg
Hey, looks good man.

I think they need more time.

3/4 of the pistols should be brownish of color, then they are ready.
Thanks Mars, I think I will let them go on flushing with pH bal water for at least another few days, then harvest in stages for a varied taste and high.
Yowza. The anticipation must be killing you.
Indeed it is...
To be honest, I have been taking some of the smaller nuglets and sampling them here and there for posterity's sake, and that helps. I have been taking buds from the bottom up a little at a time this week, and by this weekend will have taken down the largest ones for drying. I figure a week or more hanging, then at least 2 more weeks or more curing in jars ought to do it.
The waiting IS the hardest part...

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