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cincy boy

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Jan 20, 2005
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can you put a seed in rookwool let it grow then put the rookwool cube in soil?
ive never used rockwool. i think rockwool is a horror story just waiting to happen. maybe its my inexperience with the stuff but i have read lots of negative results using rockwool. i use perlite to start my seeds with. take a plastic cup and put some holes in the bottom on the sides. fill with perlite and sit the cup in a dish with 1/4" water. the perlite acts as a wick to pull water to the plant.

some ppl have good success with rockwool tho. just not me. :)
It's not the best thing to germinate seeds in rockwool, it does work but you will have a less percentage of germination using this method. It's better to use the paper towel method or what Weeddog suggests.

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