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Feb 28, 2006
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Can being rootbound kill a plant? I was talking with a friend of mine and he said that you can keep a plant rootbound to keep it small. Well my plants are just now getting rootbound, but theyre showing some bad signs. Starting about a week or more ago, the lower leaves were turning pale and yellow and the stems are purple. The leaves seemed dry or brittle. I diagnosed it to a sulfer deficiency and used some epsom salt on my next watering. Well that seemed to have slowed things down but all of the leaves that were yellowing died. And im not sure the yellowing has finished. Im obviously keeping my eye on things but does anyone think this could be due to them being root bound, epescially since they are just now becomming rootbound? Is there something else anyone can think of?

Im 4 weeks in. Growing in soil. I had pH problems early on (acidic). I dont have a soil pH tester so I used water to test the ph of the soil. I cant transplant yet becuase I dont have the space. Im hoping theyll show sex so I can get rid of the males and free up the space i need. Yeah, less than ideal setup, but its just as much fun.
what up cratos. the following may be observed if you allow your plants to get root-bound:
(1) stunted growth
(2) stretching
(3) smaller and slower bud production
(4) need wartering too often
(5) easy to burn with low % nutrient mixtures
(6) wilting
Thanks bgrunt. So directly being root bound probably isnt causing the dying leaves. but maybe its #5? It doesnt look like burn though. Theyre not browning from the tips. Just yellowing.
uggg I think I think rootbound is why my plants croaked 3/12 gallon pots ,,but when I pulled dead roots they arent so big...soil is tilled and loose ..I dont get it maybe these seeds are made to die off after so many reveges you have to buy more...

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