sea of green

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Jul 24, 2005
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Hi tokers, is it possible to grow a sea of green under one light. can i just take the flowers after 12 hours and let the seedlings in for 18. also i have a 400 right now, would a 600 be better.

I don't quite understand.
Are you talking about moving plants from one location to another twice a day?

How much wattage you need is dependant on the size of the growspace.
yes i was thinking of moving them twice.Put them in a dark space and then move back. i cant afford another light. might be able to get ahold of a small 150

If you took them out right on time, every time you could. Seems like alot of work though.
IMO, moving them twice a day at EXACTLY the same time, for 2 months, would be a major hassle.
Moving them like that would also likely cause stress.
If you miss a move by as much as 30 minute's one day, you could turn all of your plant's into herm's or male.

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