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Jun 4, 2011
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can anyone tell me what colour feminised chronic seeds are?

hi all, can anyone tell me what colour feminised chronic seeds are?? paranoid bout getting ripped off
same as reg beans budy ,,,iv alwas found most fem bean smaller than reg ones peace [j]
No. There is no color difference between any marijuana seeds. There is no way to tell if you have actually gotten feminized chronic seeds. In addition, there is no guarantee that feminized seeds will actually turn out to be female. This is where knowing the reputation of the seed bank and the breeder is important. Where did you purchase your seeds and why are you paranoid?
:welcome::yeahthat: Although I did see a sight where you could order colored seeds. Red , blue, etc. But normal seeds all look the same.
a couple of breeders (like Grene House Seeds) package some seed color-coated with a preservative, then sell them in color-coded packages.

but aside from that like THG said there is no relation of seed color to quality or anything else.

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