Seed Junky clone run

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Nothing wrong with a bagseed grow. I just did one from a seed I found in a dispensary buy. Turned out just fine. But of course I did get a few bonus seeds..oh well.
Ive grown bag seeds before without an issue. The Triple Sec i grew from a bag seed was actually excellent and the only place you can get those seeds is from 707 Seeds. No fems either and with my limited space culling males can ruin my grow schedule.

Rec shop weed seems to be feminized because everyone i know thats grown them had a female or the occasional hermi. Nanner seeds will usually produce a fem but it also might hermi easier if stressed.
Gypsy Soap still has a little bit to go.
Photo_2024-06-10 09_42_21_235.JPG
Photo_2024-06-10 09_42_31_337.JPG
Photo_2024-06-10 09_43_25_811.JPG
Im very tempted to shell out the $250 for 10 seeds he has atm. They sell out fast and my buddy that buys from him is stocked up for a year. Seed Junky has a new release i asked him about months ago.........I asked if he had Pineapple Fruz x Permanent Marker and just noticed yesterday he has it.....Called Scented Marker.
Chopped the Gypsy soap and set her aside to see if she will reveg. The Permanent Marker still has new pistil growth and the buds are very very hard already.
Got 300grams wet and lightly trimmed of fan leaves off the Gypsy Soap. Not bad for its size.



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Permanent Marker looking about done but still has some new pistils. Nanner seed apple fritter in the tent stretching like mad and a Lavender Jones in waiting.
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Chopped a couple more that looked pretty good. Probably chop the rest Sunday and get the Lav Jones in the tent.

Main kola still has a little too much new growth but its damn close to done now.

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