Winter Auto Run plus one fem and her clone

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Bend her over...sounds dirty but effective. Nice video they look great.

As far as i can tell they sent a fem photo and not an auto like i requested. So it was rather large by the time i could flip/top it. The main stem though was very flexible but large so..................

I may even try this again with my Liquid Sunshine fems just to see if i can get 2 plants to fill the tent like that. The sample i tasted is looking real good.
Liquid Sunshine from the 2/28 chop. Cold dry 65F or less at 60ish% RH. Tossed it into a Grove bag today but kept a sample.



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I like tasty. Just wait until it has been in the grove bag a month then taste it
The Triple Sec in a Grove bag is great even after being there for months. I still do a couple days in a sealed jar to even out the dry. Then into the Grove bags...VERY gently. I watch for my hygrometer in the jar to hover around 65-68% first.

Ive been using my dehydrator just as a drying chamber.....NOT TURNED ON. I can fill 2 trays with the door open. Wet and semi cold time of year here so the basement has been just about right for a 7-10 day dry time.
Buddy with the clones says "TRY THE OCEAN FORREST" because the clones are sitting in it now in the solo cup. I was concerned it was a bit hot for them but its what he does. This guy grows some super nice plants so what the hell.

So its on.......One in the 50/50 mix Carty suggested for autos (loved it btw) and one in Ocean Forrest. Watered them both with Real Growers Recharge and a heaping TBS of Xtreme Gardening Mykos granular touching as much of the root ball as possible.

Temp home until the apple fritter finishes. Less than 2 weeks.
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