Hello from Mo

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we are born naturals eh

moar coffee ya bass turd and a cookie

much apologies to Triple Sec for the righteous Thread Drift

say Triple Sec , is Cointreau your cousin?
Not a drinker so have not had either although i do like a good mead or single malt on occasion.

Triple Sec is a strain from one of the first Mo legal baggies i bought. I got lucky and found a seed in it. Looked up the regs for rec growing license (after the 4-20 fustercluck we had) and said SCREW THE FEDS. :D Rec here was fine until 4-20. Lots of sub $25 1/8ths could be found.

Then BAM....the cultivators did not expect the HUGE sales the first 3 weeks. I aint paying $35 and up for "ok" buds when ive had excellent $25 and under stuff. They can kiss my ass. :D Then to top it off Good Day Farms bought up numerous dispensaries and jacked up all the "deals" they were offering.

Well enough was enough so i paid my $100 fee and soon will have all the bud i could ever use.
To be honest i did not vote for or against rec being legal here but once it was i might as well make it work for ME. By the looks of just whats in my tent i probably got $600+ worth of bud if i had to buy it at a dispensary. Thats not including my indoor 98WW or the 2 plants outside. So im pretty far ahead when all i was hoping for was to cover the startup costs.

Next round is all basically free besides electric, seed cost and nutrients. And most of that is already paid except the electric.

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