Serious Seed Questions

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Mar 27, 2005
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Okay, boyz, I am getting ready to do some outdoor gardening. :p

I have: KC33XKXOS, OGKush, SBXM39, BC Pine, and Mango seeds. :D

I need to know: which are easiest, most potent, and shortest in height. Many thanks. :)
don't know, most of them i even don't know, but i can recommend mango, the taste is so delicious, really. For the rest of the strains i would check it out onn But you can be sure that most of those strains will get bigger then 5 foot, if they are in a good spot they might even get 12 foot ;)

;) Thanks, BW, How potent is the mango? On a scale of 1 - 10? Thanks. ;)
Sorry to tell you this, but IMO, BC Pine is crap. It's just that, a BC Pine tree! lol I've smoked that stuff grown buy a pro, and wasn't impressed at all. As for the others, I couldn't say.
on a scale of 10 to 10 i would give Mango a 8, the taste is really good and so is the high too, you'll love it.

Crap, huh? Shitweed? ;) I will keep it for the 420 spread, then...:)

Mango will definitely be one - is it better indoors or out?

I will do the others as I go along...;)
you can grow it outside in the summer, is not a problem, in that way she can develop all her colors and you will have a magnificant plant.

Could I top it, or would it be better to let it stretch all the way out? Thanks. ;)
I hate topping Goldie. I only do it if one plant is outgrowing the others. It really makes your buds smaller, although you do get more. But big buds is what everyone wants, so I wouldn't top. No matter what strain. Especially outdoors!!! But this is just my opinion. I know some people will say different.
Thanks, NTC. I will find some kind of cover for those babies, then. They will be planted out in the wild.
i cant wait for my babies to sprout i havent smoked in 2 weeks im feinding
Mikey, you have to wait for 3 months, man...

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